About ConferenceJobCenter.com

Higher education conferences represent a key opportunity in the recruitment process: an opportunity to physically connect higher education job seekers and employers who may live thousands of miles away from each other. This recruitment opportunity is almost always limited, however, by a short time frame and a myriad of other activities, meetings, and priorities.

Conference Job Center's mission is to help candidates and employers connect with one another prior to and during a conference. Candidates review and apply for positions online in less time with less hassle. Employers start receiving applications before the conference even starts, enabling them to spend more time interviewing candidates during the conference. And, associations no longer have to shuffle through kilos of paper resumes or, worse, spend costly staff time creating their own job web sites.

We firmly believe in the key role associations play within the higher education community. That is precisely why we created Conference Job Center: to help associations fulfill their missions more efficiently and effectively. Stop spending precious conference time shuffling through tons of paper. Spend it doing what you can't do on the Internet: interviewing. Let us do the rest.